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Thursday, February 4, 2010

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It is nauseating to talk about the legitimacy of a government that stubbornly refuses to provide any relief to the extremely hard-pressed people of Pakistan. The distress and suffering that the Pakistanis have been exposed to ever since the advent of the PPP government in power, has no parallel in the past. The foundation that was laid to erect the edifice of the incumbent government was malafide and lacked moral and legal justification. This government came from the sidelines and all of sudden was declared the victor of a fight that it did not compete. It was not a part of the struggle to oust the disgraced former crony president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf who was ready to resort to any illegality howsoever loathsome to hang on to his illegitimate power.
After witnessing two world wars, Europe has learnt a positive lesson that political solution of any issue should be resolved through dialogue rather than the traditional conflict. Notably, once the American former Sectary of State, Henry Kissinger had said, the "true diplomacy runs on the barrel of guns." After itself, entangling in a prolonged war against terrorism on global level, even the US has started preferring political solution in this regard. However, in the modern era of globalisation, diplomatic defeat is worse than the war of the past. It is a defeat without war.
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