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Monday, January 4, 2016

व्हाट्सऐप पर मिली है यह खबर दिल दहलाने वाली.. फिर से एक पत्रकार करने जा रही है अपने प्राण त्याग.... लगा रही है न्याय की गुहार..

व्हाट्सऐप पर मिली है यह खबर दिल दहलाने वाली..

फिर से एक पत्रकार करने जा रही है अपने प्राण त्याग.... लगा रही है

 न्याय की गुहार..

संपर्क करें ;09699100257
झरिन जी शैख़-थाणे-मुंबई

Surendra Grover

Mai news se hu aur criminal conpiracy ka shikaar hui hu..
Pune k aaj editor ki death hogai woh bhi conspiracy ka shikaar tha aut collector office me atmadahan kiya aaj mere ghar par hamla kar meri 12 saal ki bacchi aur 80 saal ki budi apahich maa ko beghar kiya...mai bhi atmadahan kar rahi hu ho sake to mere baccho ko insaaf dilana

Maine jtcp thane ko w/app bheja hai woh pad lo aur aap ka email do detail pahuch jaegi

This is 2 infirm u that i m victim of criminal conspiracy n i m fed up with untollerated situation n i had issued a press release n i m sure this time my press release will definatly bring 2 ur notice that i was innocent ....again my child misbah is sitting all alone in ur mumbra police station n my accuse is in my home prolem ....

hope now ur eyes will be open
I m extrern from ur thane district which will expire 2morrow n i was in view 2 meet u personally n then everything will b clear but see ur department again they didnt want me to reach my voice till higher authoritiea issue 2morrow media will raise voice n make all situation clear but again this time i will be not there ....if possible give justice 2 my daughter misbah...n my aged handicappe mother

My daughter is in mumbra police station all alone last time u had taken positice action n my daughter n mummy was back 2 my home again they had tresspass utr department is involve Mumbra dist..thane...

संपर्क करें ;09699100257
झरिन जी शैख़-थाणे-मुंबई

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