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Friday, December 18, 2009

Re: Awami Bharat Activists disrupt US Consul Generals' Press Conference

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 2:54 PM, satyamevijayte <> wrote:

A W A M I    B H A R A T

"For a National Struggle against Imperialism, Zionism & Brahmanism"



The Editor,


Respected Sir / Ma'm,

Today the anti-imperialist movement in the city of Mumbai, took a step forward when 10 courageous activists of the AWAMI BHARAT disrupted the press conference of the US Consul General Paul Fonsbee, which was being held at the Press Club.

After barely 5 minutes the Consul General bolted for the exit whilst our activists continued with the agitation. The slogans such as "Free Vikram Buddhi", "Headley is a CIA agent", "CIA-FBI involved in Mumbai 26/11 Terror attacks""American Imperialism Murdabad", "Obama Murdabad etc. Also 'Mahtama Gandhi Zindabad', 'Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Zindabad', Bharat Mata ki Jai & Vande Mataram, rent the air.

After the Consul General had hastily departed, we carried on with our slogans, distributed our pamphlets & conducted our Press Conference outside the premises & the media is now increasingly supportive of our view. They asked a lot of questions regarding Vikram Buddhi & we have succeeded in making this issue as part of the popular anti-imperialist consciousness.

On the "Deadly-Headley" matter too, the press was very inquisitive & the latest breaking news as I write, is the news that now Headley's & Rana's Visa papers & files are 'missing' from the office of the Indian Consulate in Chicago. Unbelievable but true. (MEA seeks report on 'missing' visa papers of Headley, Rana) First Hemant Karkare's Bullet Proof Jacket disappears into thin air & now Headley's files!!


The incarceration of Vikram Buddhi is a crying shame on the nation. The US judiciary stands exposed for having been complicit in this crime. Vikram was always innocent & his email had been hacked & a message threatening the vile Bush was supposedly his crime.

This is also meant to serve as a warning to all Indian youth who are committed to redeeming their land from the forces of US Imperialism.

Vikram was at the forefront at the struggles for the oppressed students, especially the African-Americans in his campus & that did irk certain white racist elements that entrapped him.

Vikram's father Mr. BK Subbarao is a Nuclear Scientist & also a legal crusader. He is being targetted for having oppossed the Indo-US Nuclear deal as being detrimental to our sovereign interests.

Also do note the difference as to the treatment given to Ken Haywood by the Government, Police & our security apparatus. Haywood had sent an email 5 minutes prior to the Ahmedabad (July 2008) blast in the name of the Indian Mujahedeen. Haywood had also undergone training in the US army & was connected to extreme Right wing Born Again Christian cult organizations. And yet he was 'allowed' to escape from the country, given a clean chit & now Haywood is back to conduct his nefarious activities.

In any case, all across the country, a movement to "FREE VIKRAM BUDDHI" is now gaining momentum. We are soon calling a meeting of various political parties, social & mass organizations to wage a concerted struggle on this issue. We thus appeal to all to condemn this act of the US government & demand the release of this son of India.

Ex- Police Commissioner Hasan Ghafoor being targeted for raising questions.

We are extremely perturbed an angry with the manner in which the Home Minister Mr. R R Patil is persecuting Mr. Hasan Ghafoor, whose only plea has been to raise certain crucial questions to enhance our collective security. Those officers who were on the frontlines during those terrifying days are being punished but those who chose to hide are being given promotions. The question is of simple accountability. Till date there has been no departmental inquiry conducted. The Ram Pradhan Committee is of limited scope & is more interested in handing out clean chits to all & sundry.

We thus demand that the officers thus named namely Mr. Venkatesan, Mr. Deven Bharti, Mr. K L Prasad, Mr. Parambir Singh & Mr. Raghuvanshi be investigated for their 'non-role' (?) in that period. Even the two bureaucrats, Ms Chitkala Zutshi & Mr. Johnny Joseph should be subjected to this inquiry.

We thus extend our support to Mr. Hasan Ghafoor & all those Police officers who are being victimized for raising questions & seeking answers that are critical to our national security.


It is clear to all who are sound if mind, undoubtedly David Coleman Headley is a CIA-FBI operative whose task was to organize & expedite the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks. Thus the role of the CIA & FBI are proved beyond doubt & need to be investigated by the patriotic elements within the security apparatus & the media. Only the naïve & corrupt can continue to deny this fact, more so to the detriment of our national sovereignty & security.

Undoubtedly, the CIA-FBI, which are the world's leading mercenary agencies whose forte is too engineer assassinations, terror & wars, has infiltrated sections of the Indian IB & RAW as well as our political leadership, as it has the Pakistani ISI, Military & Political establishment.

Thus now the US intervention & occupation of the South Asian region is deepening by the day, as it keeps on increasing the tensions between India & Pakistan as well as China. It is an old imperial ploy of divide & rule along religious & sectarian lines as well as between nations.

And the 26/11 terror attack has only aided the US as well as Israeli effort to create an atmosphere conducive to increasing their pervasive & corrupting influence in determining both our National & International policies. Very true indeed!!

Now the newspapers are clearly raising the issue of Headley being a CIA-FBI operative, a fact that we had immediately stated two months ago. The reports also state that the CIA was aware about the Headley-Rana linkage! Indian authorities had suspected that Headley was a CIA agent. There are taped conversations in the possession of the FBI, between Headley & Rana in which they are discussing the 26/11 attacks. So clearly the FBI had the information. | Headley-Rana: More Q&A

In the news report that appeared in the Indian Express (pg 5, 10/12/09), the hotel owner is openly blaming the police for having 'misplaced' Headley's 'C-form' & has filed a complaint on the matter. The hotel owner in his complaint to the Ajmer Superintendent of Police, has stated that he had also submitted the C-forms of two other Israelis along with that of Headley.

We thus can infer the following from the latest revelation:

1) David Headley's trail as he traveled across the country to  & identify the sites for terror attacks was & is being covered up by the police on the instructions of the Intelligence Bureau.

2) This was the similar case in the city of Mumbai, where Headley's membership form at the gymnasium had both his photograph & signature 'missing'. The flat which he rented on Bridge Candy has no agreement papers & so is the case with his office in Tardeo.

3) The fact that the hotel owner also submitted two forms of Israeli's on that day, also could mean that Headley was also being guided by Mossad agents to identify Jewish targets, which they finally did & thus Nariman House.

4) Headley's very entry into the country has been managed with the connivance of the authorities at the highest levels. And thus even though Headley was a drug dealer having faced a jail sentence, Pakistani born, could still manage to get a clearance.

5) It is clear that after working for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) since 1998, Headley was later recruited & trained by the CIA.

6) The CIA-FBI then used Headley in their plan to execute the 26/11 attack in Mumbai. Headley's task was to travel across the country, identify the targets & provide information to his FBI handlers. It was the FBI who then passed the information onto their ISI / LeT contacts in Pakistan.

7) The IB, that has been colluding with the CIA-FBI, instructed it's plants within the police force to cover Headley's trail, which they dutifully performed as is the case both in Mumbai & in Pushkar & now as aforesaid even his visa files are missing.

Thus as our inference on the Headley matter is the following:

a) It proves the fact that David Headley was a CIA-FBI agent sent to India to assist in the preparation of the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks.

b) The US intelligence, led by the CIA-FBI played a central role in planning & co-ordinating the attack.

c) The CIA-FBI used their LeT / ISI agents in Pakistan to implement the same.

d) Similarly the CIA-FBI along with the IB & RAW were instrumental in fomenting the terror attack.

Undoubtedly the larger strategic objectives of the Imperial gameplan are being achieved, out of which one was to establish the CIA & FBI as the allies of our intelligence services, just as much the US Military forces are aligned with the Indian Military.

Just imagine, the CIA & FBI are the sword arm of the Imperial project & not a whimper of protest from the secular-liberals or from the anti-Imperialist Left. Even the Obama surge has been barely opposed on the streets even though it deepens the US occupation of the South Asian region.

This only goes to prove as to how successful the Imperial strategy has been in creating an atmosphere for US meddling & intervention across South Asia & in neutralising the Left, Bahujans & the Muslim community. It's strategy has been to promote Islamophobia by deploying the weapon of terror.

In Solidarity



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