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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#Cashlessrevolution!Now,the plan to scrap Rs Two Thousand note as well!Transaction tax to be introduced and we have to be taxed all over again and the billionaire class has to pay as much we pay in Tax! Palash Biswas

#Cashlessrevolution!Now,the plan to scrap Rs Two Thousand note as well!Transaction tax to be introduced and we have to be taxed all over again and the billionaire class has to pay as much we pay in Tax!
Palash Biswas

Bengali daily Anand Bazar Patrika had published lead story on Modi`s Future plan after demonetization.He would replace income tax by transaction tax!
Moreover,the Rs Two Thousand note has to be scrapped which we are getting for ATMs and Bank counter. We have seen the Demonetization experiment in USSR to Nizeria. Now,We have not recovered for Demonetization in India and Banks have become Bankrupt in digital India.Now,the plan to scrap Rs Two Thousand not as well
I have just retired.Whatever I earned during 36 years in job is white.I have paid taxes for it.I have filed returns without fail.Now,I my status is zero income.My token pension may not sustain me and this pension roots in my PF due paid by employers share into pension account.It is withheld payment.Now, Prime minister of India is going to finish income tax.I have not to pay income tax anymore.But I have to pay transaction tax in place of income tax.It means that I have to pay taxes over again for my deposit in bank for which I have already paid income tax.
Moreover,the tax rate would be the same for me or for any billionaire millionaire in the  country.The beggars and Have NOTs would pay the transaction tax at the same rate which the Billionaire millionaire class would pay.
It is the exact scenario of cashless classless digital India.No doubt,the political leadership might be reincarnated as Karl Marx.
We have to be deprived of equality and justice.
We would be deprived of civic and human rights.
We have to deprived of job,market,business,livelihood and whatever we have.
PayTM has grown five times after 8th November and scores of Indian citizens and Taxpayers have succumbed before ATMs and Banks.
Bankrupt Indian Banks are writing letters to each account holder to opt for net banking and mobile banking but they may not ensure us how they would defend us against hacking and cyber crimes.The ATM pins were being hacked for four months and nobody informed.
"The government is committed to fight against corruption. This is also a fight against those who have not declared their black money. Modiji gave them time to declare their assets, but they didn't. The fight against them will continue," said Naidu, at a rally in New Delhi.

"The Prime Minister first tried to bring back black money from foreign countries, now he is trying to unearth black money from within country," added Naidu.

Anandbazar published!

পিছু হটা দূর, আরও এগোতে তৈরি মোদী

কালো টাকার দাওয়াই
• আয়কর তুলে দিয়ে সব লেনদেনের উপরে কর
• এটিএম থেকে টাকা তোলার উপরে নিয়ন্ত্রণ
• সোনা-হিরে মজুতে ঊর্ধ্বসীমা
• নয়া ২০০০ টাকার নোট বাতিল

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