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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lawyers: Guantanamo disciplinary block violates Geneva Conventions 10Dec 2011

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
10 Dec 2011
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Chains we can believe in: Lawyers: Guantanamo disciplinary block violates Geneva Conventions 09 Dec 2011 U.S. military officials at Guantanamo Bay are defending conditions in a disciplinary block known as "Five Echo," taking the unusual step Friday of releasing photos of a section of the jail not typically shown to outsiders. Lawyers for prisoners... call it inhumane to keep detainees there for 22 hours a day, especially when they have not been convicted of a crime. David Remes, a Washington-based attorney who represents three prisoners who have been held in Five Echo, said this week that the disciplinary unit appears to violate the Geneva Conventions. "Five Echo is really a throwback to the bad old days at Guantanamo," Remes said.
Gitmo Forever? Congress's Dangerous New Bill By David Cole 08 Dec 2011 For nearly ten years now, Guantanamo Bay's military prison has been an international symbol of United States lawlessness and a recruiting boon for al-Qaeda. If Congress gets its way the facility will stay that way for the indefinite future. Both houses of Congress have now approved versions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bill that would require the use of military detention and military courts for suspected terrorists and make it virtually impossible to close Guantanamo.
White House unveils new strategy to combat homegrown terror --Document is a call for teaching local officials to recognize 'violent extremism' 08 Dec 2011 The White House unveiled a strategy Thursday aimed at battling homegrown terrorism that emphasizes better coordination with local authorities. "Protecting our nation's communities from violent extremist recruitment and radicalization is a top national security priority," according to the strategic document. The strategy draws broad outlines for fighting extremism and follows the White House's National Strategy for Counterterrorism, which was released in June.
Clinton warns of bioweapon threat from gene tech 08 Dec 2011 New gene assembly technology that offers great benefits for scientific research could also be used by [pharma-]terrorists to create biological weapons, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Wednesday. Experts have warned that the increasing ease with which bioweapons can be created might be used by terror groups to develop and spread new diseases that could mimic the effects of the fictional global epidemic portrayed in the Hollywood thriller "Contagion."
CDC in Door-to-Door Assessment For 'Disaster Preparedness' 03 Nov 2011 The Metro Public Health and the Tennessee Department of Health will be using a tool designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to go door to door and check to see how disaster ready you are. The door to door assessment will take place from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday. It will be in 30 neighborhoods in Davidson County that have been randomlyselected to be the target of a door to door assessment. Participants will be asked a list of 22 questions. [LOL! 22 questions? Wait until they hear my *22 answers.* The CDCociopaths aka false flag/pandemic architects want to make sure people are prepared for... their false flags and pandemics? Not gonna fly. --LRP]
US told to stay away from Iran airspace 09 Dec 2011 A senior Iranian lawmaker has warned that the next time the US ventures to violate Iran's air sovereignty it would receive a "frightful" response. Deputy Chairman of the Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Esmail Kowsari warned that if US spy drones attempt to violate Iran's sovereignty once again Iran "will target every US military base anywhere in the world." The senior Iranian lawmaker further questioned the silence of the international community on the blatant US violation of Iran's territorial integrity and highlighted the double standard behavior toward Iran. "Our question is that if this aircraft belonged to Iran and had violated US territory, how many sessions would the international community and the UN Security Council have held and how many resolutions would they have issued against Iran?" [*Exactly.*]
'Iran has means to decrypt drone data' 10 Dec 2011 Member of the Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Seyyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said on Saturday that the Americans are seriously concerned about the documents the drone was carrying, Fars News Agency reported. "However, they should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran will 'decode' the American drone's documents and data with the 'ultra-advanced technology' that it has," he added. The lawmaker said decoding the US drone's data will provide Iran's armed forces with very important information.
Iran calls for UN condemnation of U.S. drone aggression 09 Dec 2011 Iran Thursday called on the United Nations to condemn a U.S. unmanned drone's violation of its air space and sought "clear and effective measures" to end such "dangerous and unlawful acts" against the country. Mohammad Khazaee, the Iranian permanent representative to the United Nations, made the appeal in his letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The ambassador said the "blatant and unprovoked air violation" is tantamount to an act of hostility against Iran in clear contravention of international law, in particular, the basic tenets of the UN Charter.
Drone shot down by Iran shown on TV 09 Dec 2011 Iranian state IRIB TV has shown footage of what it claims is a US drone that was shot down by Iranian troops in the eastern region of the country four days ago. The Islamic Revolution Guards Commander Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said in the report that with the help of collected information and with accurate electronic surveillance, it had learned that the drone was to enter Iran's air space for spying. He also said that after the RQ-170 US reconnaissance drone aircraft entered Iran's eastern space, it was trapped by the electronic systems of Iran's armed forces and was downed with the least damage possible.
Palestinians tell Gingrich to learn history after 'invented people' claim --Officials in West Bank and Gaza say Republican presidential hopeful is cheaply trying to win the pro-Israel vote in US 10 Dec 2011 Palestinian officials have reacted with dismay after the Republican presidential hopeful [sociopath] Newt Gingrich said Palestinians were an "invented" people. The Palestinian prime minister, Salam Fayyad, said Gingrich was denying "historical truths". Gingrich said in an interview with The Jewish Channel that Palestinians were not a race of people because they had never had a state and because they were part of the Ottoman empire before the British mandate and Israel's creation.
Pakistani lawmaker: Air defense weapons may be deployed to Afghan border after NATO airstrikes 09 Dec 2011 Pakistan may deploy air defense weapons to the Afghan border to prevent future NATO airstrikes such as the ones last month that the Pakistani military claims were pre-planned and that killed 24 of the country's soldiers, a senior lawmaker said Friday. Maj. Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem, Pakistan's head of military operations, told the Cabinet and the Senate's defense committee Thursday that officials believe the airstrikes were planned and speculated they may have been carried out by the CIA, according to the head of the defense committee, Javed Ashraf Qazi, who attended the briefing. The CIA is widely despised in Pakistan because of frequent drone strikes targeting militants civilians.
Psy-ops: Police say Virginia Tech campus gunman was Ross Truett Ashley of Radford --Ashley fled on foot before 'turning the gun on himself.' 10 Dec 2011 The crazed gunman who killed a police officer at Virginia Tech has been identified by police as 22-year-old college student Ross Truett Ashley. Ashley, a student at nearby Radford University, killed himself after shooting dead officer Deriek Crouse. Police also say Ashley stole a car on Wednesday [?] from a real estate office in Radford, which is about 15 miles from Virginia Tech.
Virginia Tech shootings: Same gun used in both killings --Investigators are confident that the shooter acted alone [well, except for his psy-ops handler], but are still working to figure out the motive. 09 Dec 2011 State Police and Virginia Tech revealed new information about the investigation into the deadly shootings on campus Thursday. State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said ballistics evidence showed the same handgun was used to kill Virginia Tech Police Officer Deriek Crouse, and the second man found dead in "The Cage" parking lot.
Slain Va. Tech Officer Identified as Army Veteran --Authorities wouldn't reveal specific details about the gunman - or his identity. --Heavily armed officers swarmed the campus, as caravans of SWAT vehicles and other police cars patrolled nearby. 08 Dec 2011 A gunman killed a Virginia Tech police officer Thursday at a campus parking lot and then apparently shot himself to death nearby in a baffling attack [false flag] that shook up the school nearly five years after it was the scene of the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history. The officer was identified as Deriek W. Crouse, a 39-year-old Army veteran, who joined the campus police force about six months after the 2007 massacre, the school said.
It Is Conclusive - 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Well After Crash --United 93 in vicinity of Fort Wayne, IN and Champaign, IL at time of alleged crash By 06 Dec 2011 More information has surfaced which conclusively demonstrates the aircraft reportedly used on 9/11, were airborne well after their alleged crashes. This article supplements our last, "ACARS Confirmed - 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Long After Crash," in which the ACARS system is explained as well as how to determine if a message were received by the aircraft, along with how ground stations are selected through Flight Tracking Protocol based on messages routed to United 175, N612UA. We now have further evidence which places United 93, N591UA, in the vicinity of Champaign, IL, 500+ miles away from the alleged crash site in Shanksville, PA.
ACARS Confirmed - 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Long After Crash  --United 175 in vicinity of Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, PA By 01 Dec 2011 Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is a device used to send messages to and from an aircraft... ACARS Messages have been provided through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which demonstrate that the aircraft received messages through ground stations located in Harrisburg, PA, and then later routed through a ground station in Pittsburgh, 20 minutes after the aircraft allegedly impacted the South Tower in New York. How can messages be routed through such remote locations if the aircraft was in NY, not to mention how can messages be routed to an aircraft which allegedly crashed 20 minutes earlier?
White House asks Supreme Court to block suit of man arrested for criticizing Cheney By John Burton 10 Dec 2011 Last Monday, at the Obama administration's request, the Supreme Court accepted review of a lower court decision which allowed an opponent of the Iraq war, Steven Howards, to sue agents of the United States Secret Service for arresting him after a brief verbal confrontation with then-Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney. As with many other cases this term, the Obama administration is lining up with law enforcement and seeking a Supreme Court ruling that curtails or eliminates suits to enforce democratic rights. Reichle v. Howards will be argued next March or April and then decided before the current Supreme Court terms ends in late June.
New York Nuclear-Accident Evacuation Would Work, Jaczko Says 08 Dec 2011 The New York City area may be safely evacuated in the event of a Fukushima-like disaster at the Indian Point nuclear plant because a crisis would unfold slowly [!?!], the top U.S. nuclear regulator [U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko] said. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said Entergy Corp.'s Indian Point plant, about 24 miles (39 kilometers) north of the most populated U.S. city, should be closed because it isn't feasible to evacuate about 20 million residents of the metropolitan area in the event of an accident.
EPA finds toxic chemicals in water supply near fracking sites in Wyoming 10 Dec 2011 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday it found chemicals used in the process of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas in water supplies in Wyoming. The EPA's findings are based on two deep wells drilled to monitor water in the aquifer located in Pavillion, Wyoming. The EPA says that sampling turned up compounds "likely associated with gas production practices" in the monitoring wells in addition to private and public drinking wells.
Lead From Old U.S. Batteries Sent to Mexico Raises Risks --In September, more than 60 18-wheelers full of old batteries crossed the border each day, trade records show. 09 Dec 2011 The spent batteries Americans turn in for recycling are increasingly being sent to Mexico, where their lead is often extracted by crude methods that are illegal in the United States, exposing plant workers and local residents to dangerous levels of a toxic metal. The rising flow of batteries is a result of strict new Environmental Protection Agency standards on lead pollution, which... do not prohibit companies from exporting the work and the danger to countries where standards are low and enforcement is lax.
Obama plays the populist card By Jerry White 08 Dec 2011 In what was billed by the White House as a major speech on the economy, President Barack Obama on Tuesday combined a potted review of American history with half-truths and lies in an attempt to present himself as a fighter for social equality and critic of Wall Street. Obama, who has spent nearly three years in the White House single-mindedly defending the interests of the financial elite, has in recent weeks adopted this populist persona with the aim of derailing the emergence of social protest, in the form of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and seeking to channel it behind his reelection campaign.
Wells Fargo settles bid-rigging claims for $148 million 09 Dec 2011 Wells Fargo & Co. and regulators announced Thursday a $148 million settlement to resolve accusations that Wachovia, which was purchased by Wells, participated in a bid-rigging scheme that hurt state and local governments. It's the fourth major bank to settle with the consortium of federal agencies and state attorneys general. Bank of America Corp. settled for $137 million last December. The settlement is also the second Wells Fargo has made on the issue in as many months.
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