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Monday, July 19, 2010

Nitish Kumar’s anti-BJP stunts to woo Muslim & Dalit votes may backfire in Bihar


Nitish Kumar's anti-BJP stunts to woo Muslim & Dalit votes may backfire in Bihar

In "Hindu India", everything is caste-based. Since politics is the essence of public life, everything under the election-based politics is also determined by caste.

Did we not say that Caste is the life-breath of India? Read our book, Caste — A Nation Within the Nation, (Books for Change, 2002, Bangalore. For copies of the English, Hindi and Kannada version write to DV office. Rs. 140 each).

The tiny Kurmi jati OBC leader, Nitish Kumar, has been getting raving reviews in even foreign media about his "great development" efforts — of course after he buttered the Brahmins who started loving the OBC leader only after joining hands with their own Brahmana Jati Party (BJP).

Heartland of Budhism: But false media reports painting a rosy picture will not please the oppressed 90% of Bihar — perhaps the country's most backward state.

Once the heartland of Budhism, the ruthless upper castes crushed the backbone of the SC/ST/BCs for having fought Budhism. But after they failed to save Budhism, they enbloc became Muslims to continue their fight. The fight is continuing because the war against Brahminism is never ending.

The latest game played by Nitish Kumar is to woo the state's massive 17% Muslim who have totally deserted him.

Lalu cheats Bahujans: The oppressed Bahujans of Bihar once found a liberator in Lalu Prasad Yadav. We too met him in Patna, when as Chief Minister he was thrown into jail, to offer our support. But once the Yadav leader started flirting with the serpent, the oppressed Bahujans deserted him and he fell from grace.

Bihar continues to be one of the poorest states of India but blessed with a fertile soil, plentiful Ganga water, and every input. But Biharis are today fleeing to Calcutta, Bombay and lately Bangalore. A micro-minority of upper castes — Brahmins, Thakurs, Bhumihars — are ruthlessly ruling Bihar. Strangely, Baniyas in Bihar are backward.

Narendra Modi a liability: Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister, whose visit to Bihar provoked the current Bihar turmoil. Modi a Ganchi, an oil-crushing OBC fellow, is a liability to the party itself outside Gujarat. The Teli with hardly any caste strength did a magic in Gujart by hinduising (enslaving) Dalits and Triblas and using them to kill Muslims in the famous Gujarat Genocide -2002. With the solid support of the Dalits and Tribals, he crushed Muslims to please the Gujarat's powerful ruling castes — Brahmins, Banias and Patels — whom he made powerless. But this caste experiment cannot be launched in Bihar.

The Brahminical upper castes are using Nitish to outwit the populous Muslims and Yadavas but he cannot conduct this experiment as his own caste is a poor minority. Brahminical media gave him a big media build-up but one single rain washed out all the paint on his face.

Irshadul Haque adds from Patna: The present political game, being played by Nitish Kumar (Kurmi) and his political ally, the BJP, is nothing but a pressure tactic. After four and half years in power, Nitish is now thinking that he is the champion of Bihar politics and that only he can mobilize the masses. The "political turmoil" created by him is a part of his game plan. After the swabhiman rally of BJP in Patna, Nitish successfully tarnished BJP. He said BJP tried to malign his "secular figure" by publishing a photograph of Nitish holding his hand with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in local dailies. Consequently he also returned Rs. 5 crore, the aid given by the Modi Govt. during Kosi flood in Bihar in 2008. In fact, these are part of a game being played by JDU and BJP before the forthcoming assembly election in Oct.-Nov.2010.

Wooing Muslims: Nitish thinks this game can target both Lalu Prasad as well as the BJP. By returning the money to Narendra Modi and asking him not to come to Bihar for election campaign, Nitish wants to woo the 17% (1.4 crores) Muslims of Bihar. If the Muslims are polarized against Lalu then not only his party will enjoy Muslim support but also can get full majority. There are at least 60 out of the 243 Assembly seats where Muslims are dominant in Bihar. Secondly, he is also trying to put pressure on BJP that he can take credit for proving Narendra Modi as the Muslim Enemy No.1 as Lalu did it earlier by arresting L.K. Advani for his rath yatra (1990-91). After arresting Advani, Lalu got full support of Muslims.

Pasmanda gains upper hand: But it must be remembered that the year 2010 is not 1990. After 20 years political situation has changed. Now the Pasmanda Muslim movement has emerged as a major force in Bihar. Pasmanda Muslims are able to understand that "communalism" is not an issue on which they can be fooled. They know that (1) employment and (2) education are the main concern of Muslims. So Nitish is day -dreaming for his vote in the name of Narendra Modi.

Caste-based politics in Bihar has been a major factor in election. Nitish is a Kurmi which is only 3% of the population while Yadavs are 12%.

Upper caste revolt: In such a situation Nitish cannot do any magic in Bihar unless he gets support of the upper castes. But here also Nitish faces a revolt by two major upper castes. Bhumihar (3%) and Rajput also about 3% are against Nitish. His party state president, Lalan Singh, a Bhumihar leader, resigned from the party post and started Kisan Mahapanchayat against Nitish. Digvijay Singh, a Rajput and rebel JDU leader, successfully contested a parliamentary election as an independent and against Nitish. And the third dominant caste leader, Prabhunath Singh, also an MP, went against Nitish, At least six JD(U) MLAs joined Prabhunath Singh, a dominant muscleman of the Rajput caste.

Anti-Lalu wave: Only the 2.5% Brahmins have not taken their sword openly against him. But generally Brahmins have never been directly associated with the JDU. They have been the supporters of either BJP or the Congress. Nitish media management has been very strong. With Bhumihars against him, he might now lose the support of Bhumihar-dominated media.

Maha Dalit Commission: Nitish has never enjoyed the full support of any caste. He was riding on the anti-Lalu Yadav wave.

However, he has been trying to divide the Dalit votes. The 15% Dalit votes have been with Lalu and Ram Vilas (LJP), to some extent with the BSP and left wing local parties. But over the past four years, Nitish, by creating the "Maha Dalit Commission", has tried to polarize Dalit vote minus Paswan and Chamar castes. These two castes have almost 65% votes of total Dalit votes.

But it is too early to say that "Maha Dalits" will support him. This time, neither Lalu nor Ram Vilas are going to commit the same mistake as they did in 2005. In 2005 Assembly election, Lalu and Ram Vilas contested separately. But now at least Lalu has given this message by sending Ram Vilas Paswan to the Rajya Sabha that they are going to contest together. And hence this time Nitish will see rough weather in assembly election.



Educated Dalits become better Hindu & better slaves


Reply to Suresh Babu (karukondasuresh.babu3@

I am so happy to see your response and your will to support V.T. Rajshekar. But what pains me is your thinking that untouchability (discrimination) is a matter of past. What makes you think so? If we urban Dalits don't face discrimination, does it mean that it doesn't exist? Official reports say:

(1) From 1947 to 2007 (in these 60 years) 30 lakh Dalit girls are brutally raped and murdered, just because they are Dalit.

(2) Recently in Tamil Nadu, a Dalit was beaten and human shit was put in his mouth for using slippers in front of upper castes.

(3) Khairlanji massacre 2006.

(4) Millions of Dalit children are malnourished, roaming semi-naked on streets.

So are all these fresh incidents a matter of ancient past?

Mayawati's pride: What makes you think calling ourselves "Dalit" is degrading our community? Brahmins call themselves Brahmin, so is the Reddy, Khamma, Jat and so on. What name you want to give to our community? How do you want us to be identified? Do you have any other name (or) you want the Dalits to merge into the other existing touchable (Hindu) castes? If so, name a caste which is ready to absorb Dalits into their fold? Brahmins, Reddys, Khammas are our oppressors. These oppressors have no guilt and shame to display their caste tag. Why should a Dalit, who is oppressed and commits no sin or crime, feel shy to identify himself as a Dalit? Is it because of his inferiority complex or self-hatred?

I am proud to call myself Dalit. I am proud of the name. Mayawati says before millions of Dalits:

Mei Dalit hoon, Mei Dalit ki Beti hoon, Mei Chamari hoon, Mei Chamar ki beti hoon, mei tumhari hoon.

When Dalits hear this, they feel so happy and proud. The only people who feel shy after hearing this is urban English-educated Dalits.

God created castes: Regarding temple donations, I do agree that our people donate with good intention. Jesus and Muhammad said all the people are children of god. But in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says (Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, sloka 13):

The fourfold caste has been created by me according to the differentiation of guna and karma.

In Hinduism, the god himself admits he is the creator of the caste system. What a kind-hearted god he is? When this religion itself is born with discriminating humans, why should Dalits give donations to these temples?

I do not mind if others give donations. According to you the money is used for charity. But charity to whom? All to hoodwink the gullible public and maintaining empires. If an educated Dalit cannot see through such temple tricks then one can only pity his ignorance. Can you tell me who are the principal beneficiaries of these temples?

Slaves are more determined to protect their slave masters rather than their fellow slaves. You admit the path Dr. B.R. Ambedkar took is correct. But I request you to please read Dr. Ambedkar carefully. I am happy to see you support Editor V.T. Rajshekar.

Brig. Usman Khalid, London: I read the Editorial (June 1, 2010) once again to see if I had missed something that needed response. You make a good case for "closing down DV". If that is how you feel, that is what you would do. The last time we discussed it was quite apparent that you do not have a network of reporters to actualise your ambition. My own feeling is that without DV you would be completely lost.


We have explained to you more than once what we mean by "Media Centre". People did not support us not for want of a project report on "Media centre". When the same people let down their own Father, Dr. Ambedkar, where is the surprise in their betraying us? Dalit govt. servants have the money but they have no will to get rid of their slavery. Same is the case with Muslims. Daily we are getting complaints, both in person and through Letters, why DV should support Muslims. In spite of this opposition, we did support Muslim being our duty. You say without DV we will be "completely lost". No. We will find more time to write books which sell better than DV. Closure of DV also means final "sunset on the Dalit world" — EDITOR.


Dalits must throw away all Hindu gods

Keshava Shet, Dubai (UAE): I understand your feelings towards Dalits and downtrodden. But the question is how can they leap-frog 30 or more centuries of backwardness. To "Educate" and "Agitate", it requires tremendous amount of energy and resourcefulness to come to the level of upper castes. Dalit leaders and intellectuals should think of radical and revolutionary methods of rousing the spirits of Dalits. For example, the Dalits should throw away all symbols of Hinduism and its deities as the Mahars of Maharasthra did before embracing Budhism. They threw away all photos and idols into the well and canals. They should erase all Hindu identities. Now the cunning Brahmins have invented Valmiki as divine to fool Dalits and offer them yet one more deity. They should see through all their games. Cribbing and ranting against Brahmins may be counter-productive. Brahmins hate Upanishads because it advanced the concept of Brahma — a formless cosmic force and it made every living being to claim that it is part of this cosmic force (Aham Brahmasmi). Brahmins cannot ask the rulers and samants to build temples for formless gods. They lose their business. That is why there is hardly a temple for Brahma. As an outflanking move Dalit leaders should found a new religion. Dalits will be the future force to bring reforms to both Dalit and Muslim societies. Muslim and Dalit women can be a real challenge to Hindus.

You want Dalits to become revolutionary, and to became revolutionary they must discard Hinduism. Your argument is wonderful. But how to reach this explosive message to the mere 3% Dalits who alone can read and write? This message can be reached only by a revolutionary media which we have given through DV for the past 30 years. But our 3% "educated" brothers did not stand by us. As against this, the 3% Brahminical enemies are so furious that they want to finish DV. That means Brahminism can't be killed. Which in turn means India can't survive. That is how China stole a big march over India. DV is closing down — EDITOR.


Rejected the Father, but obeyed enemy orders

Com. Ayyankali: Dalits never take a good advice. Now they have to pay a horrific price for not taking to armed struggle but resorting to gandhian nonsense. Right from Dr. Ambedkar's time, Dalits never understood the necessity of armed struggle. Another horrendous mistake was not using marxism and maoism. But Brahmins always used both these weapons. That means Dalits are likely to get defeated forever. Prachanda has managed to integrate his armed peoples liberation army cadres with the regular Nepal Army of the state. The next step will be to take over the Nepal army from within to launch a Brahminical coup and install a Brahminical dictatorship. After this, Prachanda will help Vara Vara Rao defeat the Indian Army. Dalits will be the biggest losers as usual. What is the response of the DV family for your announcement of "closing down"? I am expecting the worse. But what is the use of mere discussion without any concrete results from my side? So, on second thoughts, I don't want to discuss anything meaningless.

Hinduisation (enslavement) of Dalits — in which the Brahmins have invested in billions — has done the trick. Dr. Ambedkar is forgotten. Who can forgive a people who forget their own Father who liberated them? You find fault with Dalits for not taking to armed struggle. But under the Brahminical leadership of the maoist movement the Dalits have taken to armed struggle. And also dying to keep Brahmins as leaders of India — EDITOR.

Aruna Kornana: I work as an NLP trainer for an MNC and also for some of our NGOs. "Educated" Dalits blindly having faith in god and donating money for wrong cause. If not for Babasaheb's struggle and fight for our rights we would not have been where we are today. I will do my best to support Dalit Voice.

Ms. P. Bina Raj, Vizag (AP): People from our community should use their sense of judgment before donating money to Hindu temples when there are better places to render their offerings such as in development of our communities, educating our children and many more. They should have focussed on making people aware of what we are and how did we evolve through our father, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. If only our community had good sense of judgment and awareness of our roots, I don't think we have to see ourselves in a pathetic situation like this. I would emphasize on how much our community is aware of themselves, their development, most importantly recognition to their opinions, unity and our potential contributions to our community. Most people hide their identity. How then to protect ourselves from becoming a victim of these cruel caste system?


"My heart is with you"

Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Economist, Uttarkhand: My heart is with you. You have lived a full life and done what you could. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Unless DV is shifted to Delhi and starts publication from there, converting itself into a weekly, enlarging its Hindi edition, the ruling class will not get the heat. Not much money is needed for this mission. Or else the current unchallenged media monopoly of the Brahmins will continue. With your economic ideas and our socio-cultural thoughts combined, we can do wonders — EDITOR.

Dalit donations to temple

Suresh Babu K, (karukondasuresh.babu3@gmail. com): The thoughts of J.N. Sudhakar of Taiwan on uplifting our community is good but the way he put forth his feelings is wrong. Nobody wasted money donating to the temple. Each rupee which goes to the temple is used for charity in many ways. And everyone who goes to the temple thinks in the same way and do donate for some charity purpose. I think calling ourselves as "Dalits" we are degrading our community. The path Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has shown is correct and still we are not utilising it properly. If we go with positive attitude and put forth our path, there wont be any "Dalit" word in the community in future. As media is the main concerns, I appreciate V.T. Rajshekar for at least starting and putting our way forward. My help will be extended.

Belief in god cannot keep DV alive

K.T. Kishan (A Brahmin convert to Christianity living in USA): Sorry to note that you are closing down DV. It looks like you have a great gift of editing and being a leader. I encourage you and please do not give up hope. There are so many who need people like you. How can I help you? I will be in Bangalore in January and hope to meet with you. Please do not be discouraged. God will be with you all the time.

DV cannot be brought out on mere "hope". Or belief in god. Our losses are mounting. Death of DV means the slow death of India. A mere 15% upper castes led by Brahmins are throttling the rest of the producers of wealth — EDITOR.


3 decades of service

A.K. Biswas, IAS & a former vice-chancellor, New Delhi: It is really unfortunate if you close down the DV after three decades of service to the Dalits and minorities. You have a wide readership at home and abroad. All those who have voluntarily started journals have the same unflattering experience. The Bengali magazine, Adal Badal editor in Calcutta, too had the same feeling like you.


The only donation received


It is painful to hear that my check is the first one. Now I can understand the extent of your struggle. But please continue as long as you can, one issue after another. I was born in Gavar jati (known as Balija in Andhra) and our ancestors (even my father) sold bangles. But it does not mean much to me.

Not only you are the first to donate in the whole of India but the only one till the time of writing this — EDITOR.


Taiwan students collecting donations for DV


I am moving heaven and earth to save DV. I contacted Raj Kumar, a PhD student in Taiwan. He was convinced by Muthamil Selvan (also a PhD student in Taiwan) regarding Dalit Voice. He promised to donate his 1 month scholarship this week. We will pool all the money and send to Dalit Voice. I thank Raj Kumar for his donation.

Agony of a Dalit book publisher


With reference to your decision to "close down DV", we wish to say that it is really sad. We share your views and sympathise with you. Our experience of publishing Dalit literature is also very bitter. When we published our first book after great efforts the author demanded a royalty of Rs.40,000 otherwise he would report to the police. Another author was always very sweet before his books were published. He always painted rosy pictures of large sales but as soon as his books were published he would come and shout at us in our office. Later he started blackmailing us and threatened to take us to the police even though we often paid royalty to him in cash and in the form of books. We have the receipts. He came to our residence twice and intimidated us. He has also sent two legal notices and is demanding more royalty even though we paid him from time to time. We always pay royalty when it is due depending upon sales.

Those who sell our books do not send us the sale proceeds. Even Dalit book stalls do not send us the sale proceeds. We have to send legal notices but no use. Their cheques bounce. Those who take books on credit do not send us the cost even after reminders. The Scheduled Castes Commission placed an order for a few books in June-July, 2009. An outdated cheque of July 2009 was received by speed post in May 2010. This is the height of carelessness of those who are in power. They want only corrupt people around them because corrupt people are more obliging and helpful. Upright people like you do not bend. They stick to rules and are least helpful in furthering the personal interests of the people in power. So corrupt people are liked and honest people like you are disliked. Nehru never liked Dr. Ambedkar. Good-for-nothing and corrupt people are selected to fill top jobs so that they are always on their beck and call. One SC trade union led by the Congress has also sent us two legal notices for publishing the book, Chamar, in Hindi translated by J.P.Kardam. We did not start publishing Dalit literature to make money but to fulfill the first goal of Babasaaheb — to "Educate" the Dalits and the downtrodden. It is more of a social service than a business.

In the last 30 years we placed orders for hundreds of books from publishers and promptly paid. Not only you but all publishers praised us for our honest dealings. But those news agents who take bulk copies of DV and also books have defaulted. Only a handful of news agents have been prompt. The dues from such news agents and book sellers run into thousands of rupees. We thank you for acknowledging our prompt payment for the books purchased from you — EDITOR.

Greatest tragedy after death of Dr. Ambedkar


The "closing down" of DV is the greatest tragedy to happen after the death of Dr. Ambedkar. During the past so many years I have collected hundreds of addresses of fellow Dalits published in DV, corresponded with them. Many, I met also. No daily or periodical publishes the addresses of correspondents except DV. This helped me exchange views and develop a powerful network. Besides, DV is India's only paper informing us the news and views of people from different parts of India because of its country-wide network. The Editor's interpretative analysis and unerring predictions are unmatched in the history of journalism. The Editor maintained personal contact with me and every DV family member. I even visited your office in Bangalore and stayed overnight. Your love for Dalits and other persecuted nationalities is next only to Dr. Ambedkar. It is only through DV I read all the works of Babasaheb serialised every fortnight. There is no end to benefits I and my family derived out of DV — the storehouse of knowledge. I beg of you not to close down DV.

Not a single proposal accepted by DV readers

The things that we have done in the past 30 years to build up a powerful network of DV family members is a story by itself. Long back we had asked members living in cities and big towns to form "DV readers forum". In big metropolitan cities, our members may not find the time to meet but in cities like Pune, Trivandrum, Cochin, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Vijayawada, Madurai, etc. they could have met periodically to discuss the issues raised in DV. But we are pained to say not a single forum was formed in any part of India. Our members even failed to correspond with each other. Yours is the only exception but you also did not bring your achievements to our notice. Even when we appealed for contribution to avert the closure, our family is mum — EDITOR.

"DV closing down" proves India has become Hindu Rashtra


I am warning you against "closing down" DV because the danger is fast approaching. The way things are moving, "Hindu India" will be a reality within the next five to 15 years. That is why your decision to close down DV might be a big mistake. Because DV must exist as a rock to block the rushing flood. The rock of DV will serve as a dam and force the river to change the course. We are making a very big mistake of under-estimating the really cunning and strong adversary like Brahmins. To destroy such an enemy we must know the strength of the enemy and also its weaknesses. Brahmins control the media and by using the media they create pawns who easily get manipulated. For example people totally idolise SRK and A.R. Rahman but they fail to understand that both are media creations to show the world that India is a secular country. The media praises Rahman as he sings Vande Mataram but if tomorrow he sings a word on Allah it will tear him to pieces. People like Rahman and SRK are mere pawns in the hands of the media. They have money, fame but they don't have the power and control which they have given to Brahmins. A man like Himesh Reshammiya, who uses the word Allah in his songs, was made to look like evil by the media and now the media manipulation has forced Himesh to say Jai Hindustan only because he wants to clean his image tarnished by the media. You either have to become a pawn in the hands of the Brahmin media or else your name is tarnished forever. Media has created a secular image of India but this secular image is temporary because soon the secular India will be replaced by "Hindu India". This country exists only for the Hindus and to preserve their identity.

We have been warning Dalits and other victims of Brahmins that "Hindu imperialism" will be a reality soon. Rather it has already taken over India. "When you know all this, why do you close DV?" That is your question. The answer is we can't go on incurring losses after losses. Who will bear the lossess? — EDITOR.

Dr. Ambedkar died a sad man but DV suffers a miserable death


"Closing down DV" was announced in our June 1, 2010 issue. This is the July 16 in your hand. Over month has passed. But the response for our appeal is nil. DV has great name, fame and international recognition. But our Babu brothers have no tears to shed.

Except the Rs. 10,000 received from an OBC (not Dalit) bangle-seller, the overwhelming majority of our family members did not even react. Total silence. What a tragedy.


DV family members form the cream of the country's educated Dalits. IAS, IPS and other highly placed Dalit officials are such fantastic cowards that they dare not subscribe to DV. Even those handful of officers who do subscribe to DV have not bothered to write us even a sentence. To that extent they are scared of the Brahminical Big Cat.

A large number of the central services and state govt. officials have become such good Hindu (slaves) that some have married Brahmin and other upper caste girls, regularly visit Brahmin temples and go out of the way to please the papans.


For some of the educated Dalits, bum-licking the Brahmin took them to Rajya Sabha, Planning Commission, vice-chancellorship, plum posts. One became the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Brahmins are parading them as role models. But they all forget what happened to the country's most famous bum-licker, Jagjivan Ram.

Our "closing down" announcement has revealed the true picture of the state of the Dalit babus. Even the lone Dalit Chief Justice Balakrishnan had an inglorious exit. Karnataka's Dalit Chief Justice Dinakaran was slapped on his face by Brahmin lawyers in his very court.

This is also a lesson for the different BAMCEF organisations depending solely on these unreliable Babus. Kanshi Ram got disgusted with "govt Brahmins", disbanded the BAMCEF and went directly to the uneducated masses of Dalits.

He rightly had all contempt for the Dalit "intellectual".


Way back on March 16, 2000 (when we were in Delhi) we wrote an Editorial, "Sunset on the Dalit world", and to avert this tragedy we called for a "conclave of 100 best brains" (a reprint of this editorial may be ordered. Photocpy Rs. 15).


But the result was nil. Not one member of the DV family bothered about our suggestion. Many a time we wonder why our educated Dalits have become almost dead.

Where are we going at this rate? When what is hailed as the country's most revolutionary Dalit journal is dying if there is no concern, what is the use of such a community?

No other caste or community has produced a person of the stature of Babasaheb. Dalits should have been proud of their Father. But they ran after political power or kushy govt. job, became slaves of BSO — and forgot Babasaheb.


Not only they forgot (if not cheated) their uneducated, unemployed village or slum-dwelling Dalits but sold themselves to the enemy.

That the educated Dalits are not even bothered about Dalit Voice, for which they had so much praise, has once again proved (if proof is needed) that it will be indeed a "Sunset on the Dalit world".

We have done our duty, converting our blood into sweat (arrested, jailed, passport impounded, 2 attempts on life and so on) and continued DV for 30 long years.


But it is no longer possible to bear the financial burden. We shunned many offers — including political offices. Even lavish bribes from Vipassana agents. We were uncompromising on the thoughts of Babasaheb.

What pains us is that even our different state representatives, whose names are printed on the editorial page itself, have not bothered even to telephone us — forget about writing a postcard.

Educated Dalits not only hate each other but as a community it is dead.

If only we had worked for the enemy by this time we would have got name, fame, money and Dalits themselves would have carried us on their heads and paraded us. But we did not want to be Jagjivan Rams. We wanted be faithful to Babasaheb — the Father of India. With such great emotional and intellectual satisfaction, we bid good-bye to DV.


We are deeply worried. Many a time we silently weep on the state of India and how even educated, well-placed Dalits have become a log of wood — with no sense or sensibility.

Not one person gets angry. It is the Brahminical exploiters of Dalits who are the angriest, the most aggressive and the criminal minded.

Dr. Ambedkar has said all these things and died a sad man saying the "educated Dalits of India have betrayed me". He was right. But who is bothered about Babasaheb?

Become a Bhikku & see the miracle


You have declared to close down the DV. Can you? I don't think so. Can a lion stop roaring? What is VTR without DV? People love, hate, revere or fear VTR because of his DV. No DV means no VTR. Simple.

Anyhow there may be two reasons for your declaration: (1) money, (2) ideology. So far money is concerned, you very well knew even 30 years back that Dalit magazine is not a profitable business. And you are not a businessman. There are many businessmen in our "mission" who are making money since the day one. They have even left their permanent govt. jobs to "serve" our people.

Outspoken Editor: What did you leave? Not even your habit of being outspoken. Not to talk of your honesty, integrity and uncompromising attitude. So none is going to weigh you against coins; nor will you be garlanded with currency notes. You got and shall get only praises, blessings from deep in our heart. But no money.

Be like any other "Dalit leader", visit opponent camp in the dead of night, come out with suitcase and motor car. So, please do not cry for money. Learn something from... who often occupies a seat next to your dais, sings your praise on the dais and is being paid by... Committee for performing as pressure releaser/safety valve. Today he is a crorepati. He knows how to make money exploiting "proximity with VTR" but VTR himself does not know all this.

Brahmins join BSP: Now the more important aspect: ideology. Undoubtedly we are uneducated. We do not know what is Ambedkarism, what is our mission. Kanshi Ram acted on the missionary lines till he floated BSP. Once he and BSPwalas tasted power, Ambedkarism was sidelined and BJP and Brahmins were taken to retain and regain power.

We only learn what the Shuklas, Chaturvedis teach us. Periyar, Babasaheb and Jyotiba attempted to teach us. Like you, they also lamented. Our people did not listen. Periyar and Jyotiba were swallowed by Brahmins. Babasaheb was also swallowed.

Maharashtra Govt. mischief: The Maharashtra Govt. publisher of Dr. Ambedkar Writings & Speeches has played havoc with his works. A Pali dictionary was published under his writings. It says that Nirvana and Moksha are the same, Vipassana is the true way of life. Whereas in the Buddha & His Dhamma, he has said that Vipassana is a fancy and it is a failed way of life and that Moksha and Nirvana are antonyms. Like Meera's writings they are polluting Babasaheb's words.

Dr. Ambedkar had no effect on Dalits: Now your dream project of establishing a "Media Centre".

What else would you achieve thru it that you failed to achieve in 30 years of DV? Mere publishing of books, magazines will not do. What change The Buddha And His Dhamma could bring to Budhism or neo-Budhists? Rather the enemy has changed the Buddha & His Dhamma itself. Kindly see articles by Anil Rangari published in DV some 2 years back.

Kausalyayan mischief: Babasaheb said vipassana is a kind of pranayam (p.225) and that Budha practiced all sorts of pranayams and found that all have failed (p.61 to 73). Kausalyayan while translating the book omitted or deleted the line "vipassana is a kind of pranayam". It was his omission or commission, he only knew. But Babasaheb's major direction against vipassana was swallowed by him.

Thru DV or "media centre" how many people you will be capable of exposing such frauds? And more importantly how many of them will rise up in arms to protest against such frauds? The Dalit babus can hardly be expected to rise. This is the class which knows English and reads DV but busy doing something else.

Brahmin girl better than Dr. Ambedkar: Will the "media centre" change their heart and brain? I doubt. For them, a Brahmin girl is more attractive than the old Babasaheb.

In past 30 years, you missed action. You only spoke and wrote. Kanshi Ram spoke but also did action. When you were asked to do action, you withdrew. Had you been an MP and spoken the same in Parliament as you write in DV, today there would not have been that vacuum with the foul death of the Babasaheb.

Be a Bhikku & create miracles: In one of my first letters I wrote that the Indians and particularly Dalits do not have faith in white clad leaders nor the suited-booted babus. They have no means or no time to read books/magazines. So please leave or postpone the idea of "media centre". Shave off your head, be a saffron clad Bhikku. And see the miracle you can bring. What you could not achieve in 30 years, you will do in 30 months.

I do not see even a single bhikku who is working on the lines of the Buddha &His Dhamma, not to speak of Ambedkarism. I was shocked to hear that Babasaheb's book, Buddha & His Dhamma, is not being allowed to be sold in the Bodh Gaya temple.

Whatsoever is written about Brahminism in DV, every Dalit knows. They know the Brahmin is bad. What can they do with that bad Brahmin. There is no alternative except going in his sharanam. Only an Ambedkarite bhikku can provide an alternative to Brahminism. Can you be one of that rarest of rare creed?

For continuing of DV, you may increase its price. Those who get restlessness every fortnight for reading next issue of DV, will pay for it. Those who can live without it, will act otherwise.

Personally speaking, Sir, I have full faith, trust, belief everything in you and your deeds but I have no money. Almost a year back, you invited me to attend a DV function at Nagpur. The journey would cost me Rs. 3,000 which I could not manage. A contribution of Rs. 1 lakh is beyond my capacity and imagination. Yes, you become bhikku I will be your first disciple.

Babasaheb did become a bhikku. Will the children who disobeyed their own Father's direction as a bhikku follow a pygmy journalist? — EDITOR.

Reform or revolution?


I have not disclosed to any one. I am sponsoring 2 destitute mentally retarded children based in Madras who need more care than Dalit Voice. I am doing within my budget limit. I am not asking anyone for help.

Brother Raghuram says he is sponsoring the treatment of two mentally retarded children. Such a service involves an important principle. His work comes under the category of "social service". But Babasaheb never liked social service. He was throughout involved in "social revolution", which is more important than social service.

The Brahmins like social service and carry on their heads all those who do social service to divert their attention from social revolution.

Long back we had written an editorial itself: "Reform or revolution". Reform (social service) is like repairing a broken mirror which is not possible at all. Revolution means replacing it with a new mirror — EDITOR.

A leader should not run too fast as followers will be left behind


Read in the internet your June 1, 2010 announcement on the closure of DV. I was waiting for this happy news.

You wrote so much on the Jews and the "Jews of India" which none of your readers could understand. Rather, simply they did not even like such a stuff. It doesn't interest them. Because no SC/ST/BC political party or person takes any interest in foreign affairs — China, Israel, Iran etc.

Chasing the money: Don't blame the "poor Dalits" for the fall of DV. It is the Jews and "Jews of India" who managed its downfall – after making a deep study of the Dalit mindset.

The Jews and the "Jews of India" triggered two powerful waves 10 years back. (1) Money-driven society made every one including Dalits, Muslims etc. (except the Brahmin) run after money.

Once these unthinking Dalit fellows started chasing money, they naturally had to give up your Babasaheb and your DV.

Justice and Truth will not bring money. Nor respect in society. Name and fame will come only when you make money. The Jews and the "Jews of India" created such a mesmerism and the whole society fell flat.

Rush for political power: Today the Jews control the whole of West and even the Muslim world. The "Jews of India" control this subcontinent.

The second and the more powerful weapon that deeply hurt DV is the mad Dalit rush for "political power". The "master-key" business. The "key" was also manufactured by the Brahmin to finish Dalits. And also the OBCs, Muslims etc. This weapon had a miraculous effect. You will see what will happen to Mayawati.

However, I do give you the credit for discovering that Jews and the "Jews of India" are blood brothers.

You thought your "discovery" of a wonder weapon will impress the Dalits but this weapon killed the very discoverer.

Your were too fast.

Your followers could not keep pace with you. Dr. Ambedkar died a sad man. You will meet with a more tragic fate.

Muslim silence : Is it silence of graveyard?


Bangalore: Hinduisation (enslavement) of Dalits is so complete and flawless that not a single Dalit journal takes interest in Muslims. The Brahminical brainwashing is so perfect and complete that even highly educated Dalits believe that Muslims are terrorists. Many DV members took objection to our giving so much of coverage and importance to Muslims. But we did not listen.

We went out of the way to support Muslims because history tells us that they are our blood brothers. Like Dalits, they too are kicked, killed, burnt, raped and their little property destroyed by the very enemy oppressing Dalits.

DV is a better Muslim paper: Muslims form about 1/3 of our DV family. Muslims themselves told us that DV was a better Muslim paper than the best run by Muslims.

Yet with all our services to Muslims to this day we have not received even a single letter or even a telephone call on our announcement of "DV closing down". Are we to conclude that like the Dalits, the virile Muslim community is also shell-shocked and in deep slumber?

All these will be music to our enemy ears, but hard facts.

Orissa's enslaved educated Dalits


The first visit of Editor V.T. Rajshekar to Orissa was on July 17, 1997. At a houseful gathering at Rabindra Mandap, he addressed the SC/ST/BCs and minoriteis of Orissa and called for a complete change of the prevailing system as demanded by Dr. Ambedkar. Since then DV circulation has increased in Orissa day by day. A number of workshops, seminars, awareness meetings for popularising the thoughts, philosophy and mission of Babasaheb have taken place at all the strategic locations of the state. In spite of all these it is surprising that most of the so-called educated Dalits are more interested in clinging to Brahminism. They are more devoted to Jagannath than to their real liberator Babasaheb. Because of this our socio-cultural movement against Brahminism in Orissa is not gaining ground. I appeal the Dalit educated sisters and brothers to go back to Ambedkarism and shake off slavery.


How to save India from Brahminism ?


Henry Makow, himself a famous Jew, says the entire humanity has been colonised by a satanic cult called the Illuminati which represents the Masonic and Jewish bankers. Tt is these handful of people who staged the famous 9/11. (DV has said this)

The cult having finished the entire Christian church, it is now after the Muslim blood. All the top American banks, including the Federal Reserve, are owned by them. Both the Federal Reserve (US) and Bank of England (UK) are private banks owned by the Jews.


Himself an ethnic Jew, Makow says the entire mankind is controlled by these satanists with the aid of their media monopoly. The stage is being set to launch a World War-III putting China, Russia, Iran and the entire Muslim world against the US, EU, and Israel. The beauty is both sides are controlled by the Rothschilds.

(DV will soon publish an article on Rothschilds, who are acknowledged as the king of Jews).


Most of the Jews being innocents do not know what they are doing, being controlled by the Illuminati. The New World Order (NWO) launched after the Iraq war is an attempt to overthrow god and instal satan. Henry Kissinger, the ex-American Secretary of State, is the CEO of the NWO.

The Bengali Babu, Amartya Sen, married from the Rothschilds family, is one of the principal links between the Jews and the "Jews of India". India's "Khatri Sick" PM, a world Bank nominee, is a loyal servant of the zionist international designs.


Rothschilds is the head of the Jew money-kings and also the Illuminati which has already subverted the Western civilisation.

Lenin and Trotsky, both Jews, slaughtered millions of non-Jews to create communist dictatorship which is a zionist creation.

The greatest mass slaughter in history was not the Jewish "Holocaust" but the mass murder of Christians by Lenin-Stalin. Over 10 million Ukrains were slaughtered.

The "Jews of India" are blindly obeying the Illluminati order by launching a money-driven society here.

The author says Barack Obama is a member of this satanic cult. The world's richest families — Rothschilds, Rockfellers and Windsors — are members of the Illuminati.

The Jews talk of love, morality, justice, truth but practice the worst values. Blue Star, Babri Masjid, Gujarat Genocide, Kandhamal are the most famous examples of their talk and action.

That is how in "Hindu India" we find no difference between the words and actions of gandhians, marxists, Hindu terrorists, Dalal Street Dagalbajis. Everything in India is created, promoted and sold for the benefit of the "Jews of India".


The only obstacle they are facing today is Islam, says Makow.

The most favourite pastimes of the Jews and the "Jews of India" are sex, nudity, homosexuality, binge drinking, cricket, Bollywood pomp and boasting. Their media is nothing but shit so that our souls are fed with saw dust. Those interested in a more elaborate study of the Illulminati, the zionist Jews and their Indian Brahminical counterparts may order photocopy of Protocols of the World of Zion which is the carbon copy of the Chanakya's Arthasastra.

M.K. Gandhi was not a Brahmin but he promoted Brahminism better than the best Brahmin. Hence he was called "Father of the nation".

Says the Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world — comprising 13 major blood lines.


Like the Jews, their Brahminist cousins are collectively killing all our senses and programmed us to focus on sex, violence, trivia, property, stock market, entertainment, drinking, eating, cheating — Kamasutra.

Like the West, India too is converted into a money-driven society of monkeys.

The vaidiks cunningly divide themselves to fool us. "Sacred Brahmins" defend the Vedas, Manusmriti and all the Brahminical bulshit. But the "Socialist Brahmins" criticise all these things. With the result our innocent people (unthinking lot) get confused and take sides. The ultimate winner is the Bhoodevata.


Every "terrorist attack" in India is the handiwork of the very same Brahminist wicked brain. But because of their media monopoly, the Muslim is criticised and the innocent people made to believe that Muslims are "terrorists". The "war on terror", therefore, means war on Muslims.


The Jews (and the "Jews of India") have forced the humanity to take a wrong turn and our future is doomed.

Henry Makow categorically asserts that the Sept.11 (2001) WTC "terrorist attack" allegedly master-minded by the Al-Qaida is a zionist-engineered game executed by the Israeli Mossad.

DV was the first to disclose this secret. Read DV of Oct.16, 2001 p.9: "Did Israel attack Pentgon & WTC?", p.10: "A zionist plot?"

A satanic cult is ruling the world. India's Brahminical rulers are part of this cult. DV has said it.

The Western society is morally bankrupt. The innocent Jews have subverted it from within. The Illuminati hates the ordinary innocent Jews.

The satanic cult ruined Russia, brought two World Wars, imprisoned even the Pope, put Hitler in power to persecute and kill Jews in the much publicised "Holocaust" so that the innocent people of the world are silenced when the crooked rulers handed over Palestine to Jews.


Did the "Sacred Brahmins" of India, the cousins of Jews, go to Germany, brainwashed the brilliant German Christians, influenced Hitler to persecute and kill the German Jews at the instance of the zionists? These doubts came on reading Makow's shocking book.

David Livingstone (41), author of Terrorism & Illuminati — a 3,000 year history (2007) — says the zionists claiming to be Jews are not ethnic Jews but have Khazar bloodlines. He embraced Islam in 1992. The "Jews of India" are also Khazars.

The Russian Bolshevik revolution, the 1st and 2nd World Wars and the current financial crisis in the West are the handiwork of these Khazar-origin so-called Jews. They are now preparing for a World War-III against Islam. They are also deeply involved in dividing Muslims.


Zionism and communism are one and the same — both Rothschild proxies.

Makow, who admits he is a Jew, says the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was first published in Russia (1903) and it is an authentic document — not a forgery as claimed by the zionist Jews. Prof. Sergius A. Nilus published it for the first time in 1901 (for photocopy of the secret book write to DV, Rs. 100).


The Protocols of the Zionist Jews and Kautilya's Arthasastra of the "Jews of India" are one and the same.

The Protocols aim at overthrow of the Western Christian civilisation. As the book is constantly revised, it is difficult to pin point its author.

Rothschilds, from whose family Amartya Sen married, is the "king of zionist Jews".



(The cult that hijacked the world)

A book that will give you shock on every page.

Henry Makow, Phd

A famous Canadian Jew born in Poland.

2008 pp.300 $ 20

Silas Green
PO BOX -26041 676, Portage Ave.,
Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R E G - O M O

Photocopy available with DV Rs. 250

Why Dalits should study the Jews ?


V.T. Rajshekar, the Editor of Dalit Voice, author of over 100 books, has proved that India's 3% Brahminists are brothers/cousins of the Jews. He is writing a book itself after making a deep study of the subject. All right-thinking people in the world have identified the Jews as the architects of all the world problems: world wars, war on Islam, financial crisis in the West — all because the justice-loving people say Israel is a rogue state which belongs to the Arabs (Palestine).

Israel controls India: Brahminical rulers have established the closest relationship with Jews. India's defence, economic set-up, even education system, etc. have been virtually handed over to the Jews. In other words the Jews are practically running the Indian administration.

They say Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen is running the show.

Hence all those who love this land, including those honest Brahminists, need to make a deep study of the problem. Some Dalits say the subject of Jews is of no relevance to India. This is also the opinion of Brahminical rulers, our oppressors. How can the two sail on the same boat?The book by Henry Makow, himself a Jew, throws immense light on this subject.


Now that we have decided to "close down DV", we want to dispose off the old DV copies which carry nothing but the history of India.

Old copies of DV are an asset to scholars and researchers—particularly university libraries.

Brahminical rulers have no doubt ruined our very thinking capacity. Gradually all temples of learning are closing down.


University libraries are gathering dust. Even the famed ancient Calcutta University is virtually in ruins.

As a first step the "Jews of India" have killed the social sciences. Such a cold-blooded murder of humanities (meaning human beings) in broad day light did not bring tears in our eyes.

Because the "Jews of India" have pushed our people also towards the money-driven society which has no use for social sciences. The money- driven society elevates only crackpots. Robots, computers, twitters, jokers have started ruling us.


What did great scholars and thinkers of the world say? Those who forget history can't make history. Yes. The Dalits are not making history because they have forgotten their own Father who alone made history in India.

Babasaheb Ambedkar made history and died. We eat the fruits of his history — without paying anything back to the society. Our children are becoming duds, destitutes, degenerates. No future. Closure of DV has proved it.


Years back we had written a book, India's Intellectual Desert, (DSA-1999, pp.50, Rs. 50). Intellectually India is dead. We are driven by Dalal Street Dagalbajis, IPL cricket frauds, Bollywood badmash. Total demise of the (honest) intellectuals. Whole lot of charlatans have taken control of the society. We will write about it separately.


If Dalits/Tribals, OBCs & Muslim, Christian, Sikhs — plus the women of all castes (over 85%) Bahujan Samaj is interested in re-discovering India and rejuvenating it, they will have to dig deep into the pages of the DV — the treasure house of Babasaheb's Bharat.

Each copy of DV is priced at Rs. 15, plus postage Rs. 4, but we can offer you back copies at concessionl rates if bulk copies are ordered — 25% discount. Students will get special concession. Money in MO or DD must be sent in advance. It will take 5 days to despatch from our office - EDITOR


India cuts a sorry figure at World Expo


Bangalore: Times of India, the reigning flagship of the big-mouthed Brahminical braggarts, itself has admitted we are good only at boasting without giving any proof.

A Times staffer from Bangalore deputed to Shanghai (China), where the world's biggest "World Expo 2010" is going on, says she was shocked to find that the Pakistan Pavilion had beaten India's which was drawing no crowds. All that she found in the empty Indian stall was nothing but street food and handicrafts. (TOI June 23, 2010). What a shame.

The Indian officials at the Expo, all upper castes, are not bothered about India's shame. They have gone there to make maja at the govt. expense (RS. 41 crores).

Media monopoly: The Shanghai World Expo-2010 is drawing peoples from all over the world and according Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the arch enemy of China who visited the Expo, she had never seen an exhibition like this in her life.

The TOI reporter perhaps does not know that India in fact has nothing to show except its Kamasutra. But the Brahminical India puts on a big show worldwide by giving false report of "India shining", "jumping" and all sorts of pomp and pageantry. When the Western media controlled by the Jews and the domestic media in the hands of the "Jews of India", paints a rosy picture of India the world simply believes it. That is all the rulers want.

The oppressed 85% of Indians have no media to tell the Plain Truth.

Abhinav Bharat as top Hindu terrorist group


Bangalore: "Hindu terrorism" is becoming more serious and more widespread than "Muslim terrorism". But India's Brahminical media is silent on the more deadly terrorism by their own jatwalas.

In the book, Who Killed Karkare?, (Pharose Media, New Delhi, 2009, pp.340 Rs. 300, copies available with DV office), the respected Maharashtra police officer (retd) Mushrif has revealed everything including the hand of the very same "Hindu terrorists" in the famous Bombay blast.

But our Brahminical media is tight-lipped. India's topmost Brahminical daily TOI, (June 23, 2010), said both the Mecca (Hyderabad) Masjid and Malegaon blast (2008) are done by the same Hindu terrorists. It gave a list of 11 blasts in different parts of the country — all conducted by the very same Abhinav Bharat. Lt. Col. Prasad Srikant Purohit (37), a serving army officer, now in jail along with other top Chitpavan Brahmin leaders, is the brain behind — with full money and material support from the Israeli Jewish state.

Pune blast: DV disclosed that even the Pune German Bakery bomb explosion was done by the same gang (DV April 16, 2010: "Super RSS Abhinav Bharat behind Pune terrorist act").

But neither the Maharashtra Govt. nor the one in Delhi are ready to act against the killers of M.K. Gandhi. This killer gang may be a drop in the ocean of 1,300 million Indians but as they control the entire media and hence the public opinion, plus many within the political leadership, the govt. is not in a position to act tough — accept go on singing the same song of "Muslim terrorism".

DV May 16, 2010 p.9: "Karkare book makes waves despite media gag".

DV April 16, 2010 p.5: "Super RSS Abhinav Bharat behind Pune terrorist attack?"

DV Dec.16, 2009 p.17: "26/11 staged to save Abhinav Bharat?"

DV Dec.1, 2009 p.6: "26/11 Bombay attack was planned to kill Karkare".

DV Edit July 16, 2009: "Hindu terrorists infiltrate Indian Army? Toilet papers suppress shocking truth".

DV Edit Jan.16, 2009: Blood-boiling history of Hindu India: Anti-Pakistan war-mongering has no takers".

DV Nov.16, 2008 p.5: "When Brahminical people are rulers, why this military training?

US experts to train upper caste youths on how to loot India


Bangalore: "Hindu India" is guided and shaped by Brahminical thoughts, its reigning philosophy. M.K. Gandhi, the Gujarati Bania, hailed as the "Father of the nation" (not our nation) by the ruling upper castes (15%), finally died for Brahminism.

Such a "holy" country packed with "great brains", "world famous intellectuals" now finally admits that its education system, manufactured by the same brain, has utterly failed.

The Hindu, India's chief Brahminical daily (June 13, 2010) says top industrial bosses of India have asked the govt. to allow US universities to enter India. Why allow outsiders when our own "Brahmin brains" are the best in the world and have 150% monopoly on Indian education system from top to bottom?

No quality education in India: The Hindu report reveals that the Brahminical big brains have themselves admitted that they can't offer "quality education". That means India's education system has been a thorough failure. Our "Khatri Sick" PM is a great admirer of the Brahminical big brains. And he will be too glad to open the gate to US educational institutions headed by top Jews, all brothers of "Jews of India".

So apart from the financial sector, India will soon have collaboration with the Jews in the educational field also. That means India' dying 400-odd universities will finally die. One by one the Brahminical rulers of India are handing over the country to Jews.

Not even a shaving blade made in India: The boasting rulers shout about "India shining", jumping, world class standards but these fellows could not manufacture even the humble razor blade for shaving. We asked many top Brahminical bosses of industry to name the blade they use. They said Gillette which is a Western product.

Nothing is made in India except the humble but reliable bullock cart. Everything "foreign" is liked by our rulers — including the Scotch Whisky.

The secret behind allowing US educational institutions to enter India implies that the entire 85% of the Bahujan children will be neglected and the money diverted to equip the youth of he upper castes to exploit the rest.

Dr. Dorothy Anne Masters


We regret to announce the death of our esteemed British DV family member, Dr. (Mrs.) Dorothy Anne Masters, in May 2010 in Canada where she was staying with her daughter. She was over 80.

A famed British anthropologist, author of the booklet, Horrors of Hinduism, (DSA-2010, pp.20 Rs.10), Sister Dorothy was an expert on India having stayed in this country for long.

The Editor was to meet her at the Paris residence of her daughter on his way back from London in July.

We received a letter of her death from Dr. J.M. Williams at her Southampton (UK) residence.

Rich grow richer under 63-year-old Brahminical rule


Bangalore: The Deccan Herald on June 24, 2010, published two wonderful reports side by side: one quoting an UN official saying India has failed to fulfil its Millennium Development Goals (MDG) pledge to reduce by half its extreme poverty by the year 2015. The report is published under the headline "Extreme poverty - still pervades India".

The MDG does not apply to China as it abolished poverty long back.

DV proves right: In the next column, DH says "India's rich scale new heights", meaning the less than 15% rich are getting richer. The New York-datelined PTI report says:

India's population of high net worth individuals grew as much as 51% to 1.26 lakhs in 2009...."

What does the two reports read together mean? It means the over 85% of India's poor (read SC/ST/BC and Muslims) are getting poorer and the 15% upper castes are becoming richer at their cost.

This is what DV has been also saying.

The SC/ST/BCs (65%) plus 10% Muslims together make up 75% of the population of India. To this must be added lots of Dalit Sikhs, Dalit Christians.

Forgotten slaves of India: In DV, we have been repeatedly telling that over 85% of India's slaves have been totally forgotten. Some among them have turned maoists and to kill them military is getting ready.

The ruling 15% upper castes — mainly Brahmins, Baniyas plus upper caste shudras — have forgotten the slaves long back. The ruling class may include some Dalits and OBCs who have joined the exploiting upper castes (like the Bombay slum dog millionaire, Kalpana Saroj, the new chairperson of Kamani Tubes Limited).

Bursting roads: In our book, Development Redefined (DSA-2006, pp.86 Rs. 75), we have defined the current dangerous development strategies of the ruling class which is deliberately aimed at making them rich (read upper castes) at the expense of the Bahujans. Go to any big city, it is simply bursting. Bangalore roads have no place for cars — one bigger than the other. The airports in Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad are jammed.

Does it mean the cities are getting richer? No. The rich are getting richer. The proof is Bangalore had only 300 slums 10 years ago. Today it is over 1,000.

World Bank conspiracy: The Manmohan Singh World Bank-driven zionist economic development of India will only kill this country.

Hundreds of unthinking Dalits, no doubt, have joined this dangerous "economic development" and consequently they too have become "rich". But millions of their fellow Dalits are left out because the current ruling class "development" aims only at "individual development" and not "collective" development.

In DV, we have repeatedly said this and proved right. But alas even DV family members are not smelling the danger.

US defeated in Afghanistan


Bangalore: The world's sole super power, USA, is defeated in Afghanistan — defeated by a rag-tag terrorist outfit called Taliban. The same tribal Muslim force once defeated Soviet Russia, also a super power then.

Super power status threatened: The implication is al-Qaeda wins. Osama Bin Laden (if there is one as publicised world-wide by the US and the Jews controlling it) is laughing in his Tora Bora caves.

Brahminical rulers of India, tail of USA, are deeply worried because they have invested a lot in the corrupt Afghan ruler Karzai. Bribing him, they have been waging a war against Pakistan through Afghanistan. All is lost now.

USA ate dust in Iraq and now shit in Afghanistan. With this, the US sole super power status will start falling — along with the dollar alienation. Unless the Christian America frees itself from the zionist noose, its defeat will lead to disaster.

Sanskrit falls flat before Tamil


Bangalore: Sanskrit, the god's own language (Deva Bhasha) and called the world's most ancient one, has suddenly fallen flat — unsung, unwept.

The world's highest expert on the subject, Asko Parpola, Professor Emeritus of Indology, Institute of World Cultures, Helsinki, Finland, has said Tamil is one of the world's oldest languages, much older than Sanskrit. What a slap on the face of the "gods on earth"?

Barking dogs: Receiving the "Classical Tamil award" at the World Classical Tamil Conference at Coimbatore (TN) on June 23, 2010, the world famous expert gave a shock to the protagonists of Deva Bhasha that Tamil is as old as 2600-1700 BCE (Before the Christian Era). Even the Brahmin Rig Veda found in the Indus Valley about 1,000 BCE had some Dravidian words. People from North India descended from the Indus people, he said.

But the Brahminists are least bothered. Thousands of Parpolas may "bark" about Tamil but they will continue to insist that, Sanskrit is the world's (and even India's) most ancient language and every media and book written by their tribe will repeat it loudly and drown the voice of Parpola.

Dr. Ambedkar after a great deal of research might have said the language of Indus Valley was Tamil but who cares?

Brahmin rush for English: They have already started making Sanskrit compulsory in schools. Sanskrit All India Radio broadcastes are there every morning — though their own govt.-run Sanskrit colleges are not getting Brahmin students. They are giving scholarships to Dalits and offering inducement to join such colleges.

But the Bhoodevata boys and girls are rushing to English school.

Today the rulers are restricting English but moving heaven and earth to thrust Sanskrit down the throat of Dalits.

Source of money corruption


Bangalore: "Corruption cases" make front page headlines in our Brahminical toilet papers. The secret of this extraordinary interest in corruption is explained in detail in our book, India's Intellectual Desert (DSA-1999, pp.50, Rs. 50, write to DV office).

When a retired Supreme Court Judge, Santosh Hegde resigned in protest as the Lokayukta of Karnataka, TV and newspapers jumped with joy and came out in full blast tearing the State's BJP "corrupt govt." to pieces.

Does it mean the ruling Brahminists hate corruption? Or does it mean the rulers are lily white and so honest? No. Most of the people caught red-handed in multi-billion rupee corruption belong to the same category. Then, why this fascination to expose the corrupt?

4 varieties of corruption: When Hegde took over, we had told him that he could do nothing. Corruption was part of the Brahminical value system. The Lokayukta or their grandfathers cannot abolish corruption in "Hindu India". Because "money corruption" is the last and least part of the overall world of corruption which is part of Indian life.

There are four varieties of corruption:

(1) Intellectual corruption, (2) caste corruption, (3) moral corruption and (4) money corruption.

The last one — money corruption — is the least harmful among the four.

Media megaphone: But the Brahminical rulers are interested in "tackling" only the money corruption because they know that unless the source of the stink, the intellectual corruption, is nipped in the bud, the other three forms of corruption cannot be tackled.

As they constitute the country's "intellectuals" which is the most corrupt class, the talk of corruption and all the noise produced by the media megaphone is just to divert our attention from the root cause.

India is the home of all the four varieties of corruption, particularly first one. Because India's ruling class is intellectually corrupt.

India is becoming famous as the world's most corrupt country.


None can define what is Hinduism

Again if he said that he is a Hindu because he believes in the caste system his answer cannot be accepted as satisfactory. It is quite true that no Hindu is interested in what his neighbour believes, but he is very much interested in knowing whether he can eat with him or take water from his hands. In other words it means that the caste system is an essential feature of Hinduism and a man who does not belong to a recognized Hindu caste cannot be a Hindu. While all this is true it must not be forgotten that observance of caste is not enough. Many Musalmans and many Christians observe caste if not in the matter of inter-dining certainly in the matter of inter-marriage. But they cannot be called Hindus on that account. Both elements must be present. He must be a Hindu and he must also observe caste. This brings us back to the old question who is a Hindu? It leaves us where we are.

Is it not a question for every Hindu to consider why in the matter of his own religion his position is so embarrassing and so puzzling? Why is he not able to answer so simple a question which every Parsi, every Christian, and every Muslim can answer? Is it not time that he should ask himself what are the causes that has brought about this religious chaos?



There is hardly any Hindu who does not regard the Vedas as the most sacred Book of his religion. And yet ask any Hindu what is the origin of the Vedas and it would be difficult to find one who can give a clear and a definite answer to the simple question. Of course, if Vedas are sanatan. But this is no answer to the question. For first of all what does the word sanatan means?

The best explanation of the word sanatan is to be found in the commentary by Kalluka Bhatt on Chapter 1 shlokas 22-23 of the Manu Smriti. This is what Kulluka Bhatta defines the word sanatan.

"The word sanatana he says, eternally pre-existing. The doctrine of the superhuman origin of the Vedas is maintained by Manu. The same Vedas with (existed) in the previous mundane era (Kalpa) were preserved in the memory of the omniscient Brahma, who was one with the supreme spirit. It was those same Vedas that, in the beginning of he present Kalpa, he drew forth from Agni, Vayu and Surya; and this dogma, which is founded upon the Veda, is not to be questioned, for the Veda says, the Rig Veda comes from Agni, the Yajur Veda from Vayu, and the Sama Veda from Surya."

To understand the explanation by Kulluka Bhatt it is necessary to explain what Kalpa means.

A Kalpa is a reckoning of time adopted by the Vedic Brahmins. The Brahminic reckoning of time divides time into (1) Varsha, (2) Yuga, (3) Mahayuga,(4) Manvantara and (5) Kalpa.

Varsha is easy enough to understand. It corresponds to the term year.

What exactly the period of time covered by the term Yuga coves there is no unanimity.

A Mahayuga is a period covered by a group of four yugas: (1) Krita Yuga, (2) Treta Yuga, (3) Dwapar Yuga and (4) Kali Yuga. The four Yugas follow one another in a cycle, when the period of the first Yuga is spent it is followed by the second and so on in the order given. When the cycle is complete one Mahayuga is completed and a new Mahayuga opens. Every Mahayuga begins with the Krita Yuga and ends with Kali Yuga.

There is no uncertainty as to the time relation of a Mahayuga and a Kalpa. 71 Mahayugas make one Kalpa. There is however some uncertainty as to the time relation between Mahayuga and Manvantara. A Manvantara is equal to 71 Mahayugas "and something more". What exact period of time that "something more" means, the Brahmins have not been able to state categorically. Consequently the time relation between Manvantara and Kalpa is uncertain.

But this does not matter very much for our present purposes. For the present it is enough to confine our attention to Kalpa. ( To be continued)

[Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings & Speeches, Vol.4, Riddles in Hinduism (p.15-217) 1987, Rs. 35. Maharashtra Govt., Manager, Govt. Central Book Depot, Near Charni Road Railway Station, Netaji Subhash Road, Bombay - 400 004.]

Thus Spake Periyar

Brahma's lust for Parvati


Manu Dharma Sastra is the weapon of the "highest caste" Brahmins. It has two main motives. First of all this enables the Brahmins to call themselves most superior to other castes and lead a happy life without doing any manual work. It has made the sons of the soil (Dravidians) as slaves to them forever. The non-Brahmins are deprived of their self-respect and decency. The second motive is to render injustice to all Dravidians as stipulated in the Manu' law. When such an order is set up permanently, the organisations such as the government, courts, constitutional acts etc. would naturally be dominated and monopolised by the Brahmin community. Such an arrangement would render all others as slaves for ever. This is the other motive of the Manu's code.

It was clearly ordained that Manu's code or law should be strictly followed for a period of three thousand years.

The sudra (Dravidians) kings and other rulers took pride in proclaiming that they ruled the people as laid down in the Manu law. Thus the Brahmins sought the necessary safeguards to maintain the evil of casteism attached to others by birth.

British rule: After the advent of the British rule, which succeeded the Tamil kings, the Brahmins permitted only the Criminal Acts to be changed on the lines of Western countries. For all civil matters, Hindu law based on Manu's code alone was brought into force.

Can there be a law like Manu's law that provides a very favourable position only to one particular community? How could it be tolerated with the authority of our own law of the land? How can we permit the courts and judges to base their judgement on Manu's code?

Is there a country where the people of the land are termed as the sons of prostitutes? Is there a place where the toiling masses of the land are degraded by others of alien countries? Can you find a government, legislations or courts remaining a silent spectator to the injustice meted out to the majority of the population? Can you see anywhere people being so docile and negligent as here without trying to erase the disgrace? Nowhere else you can find selfish vested interests as you see in Tamil Nadu.

It is for the Tamil society to think loftily. Our freedom and rights lie in the eradication of disgrace attached to our births. So I humbly appeal to you all to think over these monstrocities. You will feel perturbed and agitated at the ill treatment given to us by the Manu's code.

Leave the aged and elderly people. The future is in the hands of the younger generation. I have compiled this book with the hope that our youngsters atleast would come forward to think on right lines and act with wisdom.

The origin of Manu's code: Brahma has been attributed as the author of Manusmriti. He made laws and gave them to Brigu, a first saint. Later the law was handed over to Maricha by Brigu. (Vol.1, sloka 58, Manu code).

Later on Manusmriti (orthodox varnasrama dharma) was let known to all the saints.

Brahma's lust: (1) According to a fable of Hindu religion Brahma acted as a priest to officiate the marriage of god Paramasiva with Parvathi. When Parvathi went round the sacred fire (omakundam) she held the end of the apron cloth with her left hand before going round. It enabled Brahma to have a clear look at the Parvathi's thighs. On seeing the thighs, Brahma became a victim of lust. Brahma's semen poured out. Brahma left the semen in a vessel near the sacred fire. Immediately Agasthiar was born.

(2) When Parvathi came around the sacred fire again, Brahma once again relished her thighs and he once again became a victim to lust and semen poured out once again. This time he left the semen on the green plants, creepers and trees. This time a number of saints (rishis) were born in no time. Of them Valkilliyathe was one. (To be continued)

[Collected Works of Periyar , (pp.115 to 117) (4th edn. 2007), The Periyar Self-Respect Propaganda Institution, Periyar Thidal, 50-EVK Sampath Rd., Vepery, Madras - 600 007.]


K.T. Kishan, (A Brahmin convert to Christianity in USA, via email) : I do not know you personally but I do some how feel connected. Please do not be discouraged and trust god. God loves you very much no matter what you are and what the situation is. I will never give up on hope. I know it is easier for me to say this to you but please forgive and forget the people who persecuted your people. Hatred will not bring peace and solve any problem. I never give up on hope, faith and love, the three pillars I rest my life. Why do you care for temples, Brahmins, Gandhi etc. None can do any thing positive. Raj, you are uniquely created by god and loved. You have your own gifts. I do not get into a temple, even a church is just a place of gathering. I became Christian on reading the Bible and I was never influenced by any evangelist. A few years ago I had lots of hope and I tried to help a remote village in interior Karnataka through Reuben Church. Hindu fundamentals went after the people and the churches. I had to pull my back on my mission. Hindus have started to hate Christians. Christianity in India has condemned the local people and their customs and trying to westernize the people. This is not what Jesus, not a Westerner preached. Most of the missionaries are more into baptizing or evangelizing (external) rather than making them into the real disciples of Christ (internal) meaning making to love another (Mathew 28:16-20). You are right. Most of the evangelicals are rich and very good in preaching. But it is not my business to find fault in others. My point is god has given each of us a great brain and physical body to serve others. It is not our business what other people do and whether others can help us. I know it is easier for me to tell you from the comfort of America. But that seems to be the only way and there is not much in the alternative. Jesus in the Mathew 28:16-20 says: "And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age", a very assuring statement for me. I personally do not see any growth in negative information. You say India is a failed state, even my Hindu brother in India says that. Economy is bad in US, people say US has failed and worst is yet to come. Every day there is news about terrorism at least in some part of the world. People think there will be a huge calamity in 2012. All Negative, negative, negative news. But I do not pretend such things are not there. My point is what good is that information to encourage and uplift us in spite of any adversity? Raj I do believe in Hope, my recent trip to Haiti was indeed a heart warming.

We are in deep pain. And in pain when we cry and shout, you admonish us for crying and shouting — saying you are taking "a negative attitude". You want us to smile, laugh and jump with the joy as our people are in agony, deep distress? That means the Dalits and other persecuted nationalities have no right even to cry when they are in pain. We are incurring losses every fortnight. This has forced us to close down DV. Our people have no money. The upper caste rulers have all the money but they won't give it to us. It is for you to decide what you will do — with a big heart — EDITOR.


Palash Biswas
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